I am right

Type One

Perfectionist / Reformer

People of Enneatype ONE are conscientious idealists with a strong sense of right and wrong. They have an innate sense of discernment and are motivated to live life “the right way” while striving to improve themselves and others, correct errors, and perfect the world around them.

Ones are natural teachers, crusaders, and advocates for change, frequently taking up a cause with a certain zeal or passion. They are people of action and tend to move forward with structure and discipline while trying to avoid errors and criticism.

Ones have a strong “inner critic” which holds them to high standards but can also feel overwhelming and relentless at times. Since reality will never line up to standards of perfection, Ones can experience the world as essentially flawed and approach it from a standpoint of frustration.

At Their Best

Self-disciplined, hardworking, responsible, honest, conscientious, practical, and self-controlled.

When Struggling

Rigid, judgmental, self-righteous, uptight, and overly critical of themselves and others.

What Type Ones say about themselves:

  • I live with a powerful inner critic that monitors my thoughts, words, and deeds.
  • I strive for perfection and feel responsible for making things right.
  • I focus on being good while repressing my impulses and desires for pleasure.
  • I get angry when important rules and standards are ignored or violated.
  • I seek love and approval from others by being good and right.


We each feel that we must show up in a certain way in the world in order to deserve love.

These are internal messages that resonate with Ones:

BASIC FEAR: Of being corrupt, evil, or defective.

BASIC DESIRE: To be good, to have integrity, to be balanced.

BASIC PROPOSITION: “You must be good and right to be worthy.”

AVOIDANCE: Showing anger, losing self-control, or making mistakes.

FOCUS of ATTENTION: What is right or wrong, correct or incorrect.

  • Positive aspect: The ability to quickly discern and fix errors or problems.
  • Negative aspect: The tendency/potential to be overly critical of self or others.


Strategies For Growth:

  • Take some time for yourself without feeling that everything depends on you. Remind yourself that the world will keep turning without you, and it’s ok to take time to relax/rest.
  • Beware of constant irritation with your own “shortcomings”. Ask yourself if the sharp self-criticism helps you to improve or if it makes you tense and upset. Take a pause and try to observe your feelings and body with as little judgment as possible. Remember that you deserve compassion and grace as much as anyone.

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