Personalized Typing
and Coaching Services

 Typing Interview

 $125 for 90 min session.

Online tests can help provide direction but should be thought of as a “launching pad” rather than as definitive results. There are many factors that can make self-typing difficult or challenging including: insufficient Enneagram knowledge, human complexities, culture, family environment, gender roles, defensiveness around self-image, and a focus on behavior rather than inner motivation. A conversation with a well-trained Enneagram coach can provide you with personalized attention and guidance in order to uncover your core type.

A typing interview consists of a one-on-one 90-minute conversation where we do a deep dive into the “why” behind your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. You will receive a written report with personalized insights after the interview is completed.

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Personal Coaching

$80 for 60 min session.

Individual coaching sessions engage growth within your Enneagram type and are tailored to your specific concerns, questions, or topics of interest. Typical coaching sessions might look like this:

Session 1: We explore the unconscious motivations behind your habitual behaviors – the fears, desires, underlying beliefs, and focus of attention for your Type. Where does your attention go? Energy follows attention.

Session 2: We take a look at the avoidance and idealization of your Type and the defense mechanism that locks them into place. What other defense mechanisms do you use?

Session 3: Continue exploring your Type in more depth – look at how your Type operates at low, average or healthy levels. Discuss your “arrows” – the Types that you move to in stress or security. What are some strategies for handling your triggers?

Session 4: Further discussion of destructive patterns and suggestions for helpful practices to break the unhealthy cycles. Explore your Wings and discuss how they “flavor” and balance out your Type.

Subsequent Sessions: Other topics can include the Vice & Virtue of your Type as well as the Mental Fixation and Holy Idea. We can also discuss any further questions about your Type and specific challenges that you are facing.

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$480 for 6 sessions

Sessions 1 & 2: Individual Typing interviews with each partner. (If either party already knows their type, we can replace those sessions with either Individual or Couples sessions.)

Sessions 3 & 4: Individual Coaching sessions with each partner. We will discuss challenges and hurdles within the relationship and how our Type structure contributes to our particular defenses.

Sessions 5 & 6: Joint sessions with both parties present. Talk through whatever issues or trip-ups you are having as a couple and highlight the ways your individual strengths can be complementary. Explore the ways that Type-specific perceptions and communication styles can create conflict or misunderstandings. Discuss strategies for using the gifts of your Types to facilitate a more satisfying relationship.

Subsequent Sessions: Further sessions will be charged at $80 per hour and can cover any topics that you like.

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